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Iran photos

20 June 2008

Posted photos from Iran trip:

Could not write a complete story about this trip and wrote a little statistics and memos:

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Fighting the road

2 March 2008

This photostory is about how we went to discover new routes for our Nissan 4x4 Club events for a half a day (all guys planned to get back home in the evening) and got stuck till late night in the snow and bog. It took about 20 hours to get back to normal road, all gas tanks were empty. Woooofff... I came home at 5am and got sleep in 2 seconds. -)) Enjoy the photos ))

Photos are here

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Weekend run

11 February 2008

Me and my friends spent this weekend discovering new routes for Nissan 4x4 Club trips. A lot of snow and no mud at all =)) Found several interesting places. All photos are here , and some video is here.

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New navigator was born!

2 February 2008

On January, 13 my son was successfully born to this world. Welcome, Maxim! My new navigator for the adventures! -))

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New Year

12 January 2008

Successfully finished New Year '08 trip on this weekend with Nissan 4x4 Club. Not so much losses, just a headlight and left mirror -) Photos are here.


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Seliger lake trip

17 December 2007

Spent this weekend on Seliger lake, 400km from Moscow. Tested Nissan Serena as a travel car. It's incredible!

Some photos are here.

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Worldwide trip

21 November 2007

Posted some new thoughts about possible routes for worldwide trip. Any suggestions are welcome!

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New rig for travels

15 November 2007

Recently I bought new vehicle for my family and travels - Nissan Serena, 2000 year, C24 body, YD25 turbo-diesel with intercooler, A/T, 4x4, right-handed. A lot of space for a baggage :-)) I plan to use this car for a while and then travel across Europe and do non-hard offroad trips.

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New trails

30 October 2007

Had a nice trip this weekend to the forest, prepared several checkpoints for the coming soon Nissan 4x4 Club's birthday holiday. Several photos are here.

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Video from Baikal trip

8 October 2007

Cropped and rendered two samples from the video made in Moscow-Baikal-Altai-Moscow trip.
SMAK (5мб, wmv) - how to cook without can opener
Killinmesoftly (2мб,  wmv) - life song about killing my car.. step-by-step.. year-by-year... :)

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It works!

6 October 2007

It will be the birth date of my website from this moment :)

In the "Texts" section you will find all my stories and notes from different trips and adventures. Some of them are big and some of them are short with just several technical notes. "Photos" section contains shots made by me or my friends if we were in some trip together. "Future" section will be used to publish travel ideas and collect information for every idea. It has comments and I'll be glad if you will help me with any information regarding that plans. The last section, "Contacts", has my email and ICQ where you can reach me.

I've made this site in two languages, my native Russian and English, which sometimes is hard to understand, so don't beat me if you'll find something wrong with spelling :))

Comments and advices are welcome! Stay tuned!

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