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Nissan 4x4 Offroad Club



Bynker 42 Taganka

30 November 2010

One of my friends invited me to visit secret (in the past) bunker located in the center of Moscow, under Taganskaya square, 60 meters underground. Very interesting place. I planned to visit it many time ago but didn't have a chance and now my dreams became true :)

Photos are here:

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Nissan 4x4 Club 11th anniversary

6 November 2010

Celebrated Nissan 4x4 Club 11th anniversary in cold rainy russian forest. My Maverick had some problems, so I visited this event on my Nissan Serena minivan. On the way back I really felt that Serena gives me no offroad freedom, which I have while I ride my Maverick :) Anyway, a lot of fun, mud, friends and photos.

See all photos here.

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Volga river

18 August 2010

Weekend on August 14-15 were spent on Volga river, 200km from Moscow. Excellent weather and good friends, a lot of fun and 4x4 wheeling!
Photos are here:

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Kola Peninsula

10 May 2010

I've got a chance to travel to Kirovsk, Kola Peninsula, 1800km from Moscow. Two friends were moving from Moscow to Kirovsk to their new flat and I helped them to transfer their stuff, around 700kg, to their new home. 2 days of way to the destination, 1 day enjoying mountains and 1 day of way back. It was first time I travelled so far on my Nissan Serena minivan, and I liked how it did this trip. Especially that in Moscow it was real summer and +25C and in Kirovsk it was snowing and +5C...

Photos are here:

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My Ford Maverick (TV report)

26 April 2010

All you wanted to know about my car was shown on TV two weeks ago. I've got a record just now, and you may download it here - MosMobil.wmv (Windows Media, ~59mb).

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TrophyClinic near Nijniy Novgorod

12 April 2010

Me and my friend Slava SQ visited 4x4 event TrophyClinic near Nijniy Novgorod (450km from Moscow) organized by our friends. Good weather, great nature, excellent wheeling :) I've installed small webcam into my car so everyone could see our travel online.
Photos from my photocamera are here.

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New Year event with Nissan 4x4 Club

18 January 2010

In the late night we went to our first in this year event - New Year with 6 hours of night drive through the deep frozen forest and bog. We did it, but with some losses which were left mirror, hub and several other things. I also tested mobile webcam in this trip. Connect was good and everyone could see our adventures on site online. :)

Photos are here:
And photos from my friend:

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Nissan 4x4 Club 10 years

13 November 2009

Happy Birthday, Nissan 4x4 Club! 10 years together!

Some photos are here:

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Turkey Manavgat - Konya - Beysehir lake - Manavgat

3 November 2009

While me and my family were taking a rest on Turkey beaches in October I couldn't miss a chance to rent a car and with my friend Bo3man travel across mountains near Manavgat. We went to the nearest big city Konya, found nothing interesting there, then moved around Beysehir lake and at late night found a road to our hotel.
The road by thewestern side of Beysehir is very interesting and nice, with high quality alphalt (like everywhere in Turkey). There are several places where you can drive a car to the bank of the lake and swim. I recommend to drive that road if you will be there.

Some photos are here:

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10 August 2009

Yachting with my friends near Moscow. :)

Some photos are here.

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Friends in Voronezh, Museum of "Kursk Battle" in Kursk, Elephants in Orel, etc..

13 Jule 2009

Me and my friend vizited three big cities: Voronezh, where we met with our friend and stayed for one day; Kursk, where we vizited Museum of "Kursk Battle, World War II"; Orel, where we saw interesting grass statues of animals. Three days, 1500km of russian roads. Nice weather and good people around enjoyed viewing my car made this trip very positive and easy.

Photos are here:

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Weekend on Sakhalin

13 May 2009

From May 8 to May 12 me and my friend were taking a journey on other eastern side of Russia - Sakhalin island. We spent 4 days with very good people, wonderful nature sights and great weather! South of Sakhalin, Krilion place, contains many old Japanese military buildings and roads, left empty from World War II. Very interesting things!

Photos are here:

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Nizhniy Novgorod

4 May 2009

Did nice trip on this weekend from 1 to 3rd May to Nizhniy Novgorod, 400km from Moscow. Beautiful city with old and new buildings, low car traffic and good weather :)

View photos


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Maslenitsa 2009

11 March 2009

Had a nice weekend with Nissan 4x4 Club celebrating russian national holiday "Maslenitsa". I didn't shoot any photos but made some videos from two fords:

charged Nissan Terrano I (Pathfinder in USA) (3mb, mp4)
one more Terrano I and quadrocycles (52mb, mp4) 
Toyota LandCruiser 100 in first ford and in second ford (23mb/4mb, mp4)
Toyota LandCruiser 70 (4mb, mp4)

Enjoy! :)

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Big Arabic Adventure

9 November 2008

I updated the page with info about new idea of Big Arabic Adventure. Still thinking about time to start, either it will be winter-spring or autumn 2009. Overview of the trip you can find in "Future" section.

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Nissan 4x4 Club's birthday

4 November 2008

Great rally! Photos are here.

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Preparation for club's event

20 October 2008

On Sunday we went to discover some new routes for the future club's event planned on November, 2nd. Great trails, wonderful bog and mud! However we couldn't avoid losses: firstly we torn brake tube on the rear axle on some ford and after that another loss appeared - on the way back to home front brake pad jumped off the tyre and we lost control on the car. Sand from trails completely cut them off. God bless, we didn't crash anything around. I had new brake pads with me, so we installed them right there, on the road, under big rain and strong cold wind... Extreme time! :)

Photos are here.

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Soldier's bridge 2008

30 September 2008

Spent this weekend on club's event "Soldier's bridge". Format of the riding was made as GPS-navigation over about 50km land and forest around the camp. Very interesting wheeling and very good weather the whole day.

Photos are here.

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Story about travel to Iran

3 September 2008

Finished the story about my travel to Iran. Elena Volkova translated it to English, so enjoy the story!



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Volga trip

17 August 2008

New weekend wheeling to Volga river, approx. 150km from Moscow. Very "good" roads and trails, big amount of mushrooms in the forest. Weather was sunny and all things were going perfectly. The only loss is front wind glass broken by the fallen tree.

Photos are here.

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