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Decorations in Serednikovo

13 December 2010

Today with my friends from Nissan 4x4 Club we visited very cool place with decorations for the new film. Many old buildings and one big ship not far from them. Everything was decorated to look like 1700-1800 year. if you were staying in the center of that "city" you really might feel that you've moved 200 years back in time.

Photos are here:


  • Anonimous
    Были 2 дня назад...очень понравилось!!! Вход с человека 150 руб. Чек дают!!!
    12 Jule 2011
  • Оксана
    Была там вчера на днях, не плохое местечко.Особенно для фотосесии. За вход между прочим 100 руб. с человека а ни какого билет а и чека не дают!!!
    23 May 2011

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