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6 October 2007

It will be the birth date of my website from this moment :)

In the "Texts" section you will find all my stories and notes from different trips and adventures. Some of them are big and some of them are short with just several technical notes. "Photos" section contains shots made by me or my friends if we were in some trip together. "Future" section will be used to publish travel ideas and collect information for every idea. It has comments and I'll be glad if you will help me with any information regarding that plans. The last section, "Contacts", has my email and ICQ where you can reach me.

I've made this site in two languages, my native Russian and English, which sometimes is hard to understand, so don't beat me if you'll find something wrong with spelling :))

Comments and advices are welcome! Stay tuned!


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    6 October 2007
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