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Nissan 4x4 Offroad Club



Preparation for club's event

20 October 2008

On Sunday we went to discover some new routes for the future club's event planned on November, 2nd. Great trails, wonderful bog and mud! However we couldn't avoid losses: firstly we torn brake tube on the rear axle on some ford and after that another loss appeared - on the way back to home front brake pad jumped off the tyre and we lost control on the car. Sand from trails completely cut them off. God bless, we didn't crash anything around. I had new brake pads with me, so we installed them right there, on the road, under big rain and strong cold wind... Extreme time! :)

Photos are here.


  • Uazb
    15 ноября 9 лет Уазбуке. Отмечается под Электросталью

    5 November 2008
  • М!
    песдец как всегда
    20 October 2008

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