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Nissan 4x4 Offroad Club



14th anniversary of Nissan 4x4 Club (Oldschool style)

9 November 2013

Another celebration but with old dates (beginning of November), closer to Moscow, trails were shorter, more rainy, more muddy. Tried to make this even easier but it was hard again.

Videos are here

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14th anniversary, Nissan 4x4 Club (New Age)

29 September 2013

On September 28-29 celebrated 14th anniversary of Nissan 4x4 Club. Tons of mud, bright sun and lots of happiness. :)

Video clips are here.

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1 September 2013

Another 2 days outventure in Kaluga/Smolensk area. Preparing trails for celebrating Nissan 4x4 Birthday.

Photos are here.

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New trails exploration, Ugra, Kaluga region

24 August 2013

Alone exploration of new ways for birthday event. Weather was good, mud was dry, so I took clean and nice pictures :)

Photos on

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Volga-Volga 2013

18 August 2013

Nissan 4x4 Club's annual eevnt "Volga-Volga". I took only small video clips instead of photos this time.

Enjoy on

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Baikal 2007. The movie.

24 Jule 2013

After 6 years from our Baikal trip I brought the video to the studio and they made small movie.

Download (500mb, mp4)

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Spring Cultural Expedition 2013

28 May 2013

2-days journey to nearest cities: Vladimir - Suzdal - Shuya - Krasnoe-na-Volge - Ples - Kostroma - Yaroslavl. Over 1000km of russian roads and beautiful places.

Photos and videos are here.

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Maslenitsa 2013

19 March 2013

Nissan 4x4 Club's event Maslenitsa 2013 near Moscow, Sheremetyevo area.

Some photos.

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"Druzhba" in Sychovka, Smolenskaya area

22 December 2012

Some photos from our holiday trip to children's shelter "Druzhba".

Photos are here

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Two days in frozen pool

9 December 2012

Were doing exploration of new trails. Thought it will be half day trip, but Nissan Patrol stuck in water and mud and frozen till the morning. Two days in one pool...
Photos and video are here

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16 November 2012

Discovering new trails near Zavidovo

Some photos

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Sergiev Posad - Uglich - Myshkin

22 September 2012

Light non-offroad trip 200km from Moscow. Sorry for photos, my camera dead right before the event and I took all pictures with my cell phone (which also dead in the middle of the trip).
Photos are here

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Nissan 4x4 Club Wedding vol3

11 June 2012

Some photos from another wedding of Nissan 4x4 Club's members.
Photos are here.

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1 June 2012

Our second trip to the Gathering of Nissan Enthusiasts in Moab. Three weeks of travelling across the western part of America. Las Vegas, San Francisco. Salt Lake City, Moab, National Park Arches, Anthelope canyon, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas. 2500 miles in total. :) Superb!

Photos are here.

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12 years, Nissan 4x4 Club

12 November 2011

Celebration of 12 anniversary of Nissan 4x4 Club. Half a day I was sleeping but next half a day we did good wheeling alone on forest. After some rest in camp it was second part - good night offroading. :)
12 photos of 12 anniversary are here -

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Trail discover for Nissan 4x4 Birthday

24 October 2011

One day wheeling to discover and check the trail for Nissan 4x4 Club's birthday event.
Photos are on Smugmug server  -

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Volga-Volga 2011

16 August 2011

Some photos from this weekend's event organized by Nissan 4x4 Club and named "Volga-Volga". Everything was good as always, weather, mud, people, car damages... :))

All photos are here:


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Gone Moab X

29 June 2011

Me and my friends visited GoneMoab X event in the United States, which was on May 22-27. Many Nissan owners arrived to Moab, UT to drive over the rocks and celebrate the 10th anniversary of the event. Along with rock driving we visited Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York and Salt Lake City. Thanks for the fast rented car and good roads. :)

All photos are here:

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Hotel Equipment Exibition in Turkey

24 January 2011

On Jan 21-23 I visited Hotel Equipment Exibition in Antalya, Turkey. Nothing interesting to see, so it was just a good relax for the weekend.

All photos are here.

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Decorations in Serednikovo

13 December 2010

Today with my friends from Nissan 4x4 Club we visited very cool place with decorations for the new film. Many old buildings and one big ship not far from them. Everything was decorated to look like 1700-1800 year. if you were staying in the center of that "city" you really might feel that you've moved 200 years back in time.

Photos are here:

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